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Top 5% online marketing freelancers

No fuss, no mediocre results. We have already found the perfect expert for you. How? We have screened Dutch online marketing freelancers for their technical skill, work-ethic, communication and past performance. We have selected only the top 5%. Professionals that will be of real value for your organization!

No costs

We are not recruiters. We just want to match the perfect candidate with a smart company that needs him or her. From experience we know that direct contact between the company and the freelancer works best for both parties. We do not charge a commission to the client; we do offer a unique satisfaction guarantee.

An expert within 48 hours

Normally it can take months to find the right expert. Sometimes even longer. TopCampaign promises you the perfect expert within a few days. How? First you let us know what you need. Then we find out more in a short briefing, after which we introduce the ideal expert to you in 48 hours. Still in doubt? Then we'll continue our search. But that rarely happens.

Personal service

TopCampaign is an exclusieve network of online experts. With such a network, you would expect an exclusive service level: personal, direct, and with thorough know-how. Of course we make sure that our selected freelancers are gifted with top-notch communication skills. Just like us.

Featured online marketing freelancers

Manon Krom

Manon Krom

Manon Krom a top PPC specialist. As one of the first 10 Google employees in The Netherlands, she is very experienced. She knows what is needed to be successful online. Manon has done projects for companies like Viking Direct and Startselect. She is now available to run your PPC campagn as well, to help accelerate your online growth.

Thomas v.d. Bruggen

Thomas v.d. Bruggen

Thomas has earned his tracks by making sure his own website ranks top of the Google search results for many years. He defeats strong competitors with much bigger budgets. This is how has become the leader in the populair niche of vacation homes on Ibiza.

Geert v.d. Rijdt

Geert v.d. Rijdt

Geert has worked at an agency and has done multiple campagnes there. He worked for corporates as well as SMB-companies. Recently, he became available for hire. As a freelancer, he focuses on B2B (LinkedIn) marketing. Geert has proven to be creative and he is able to generate amazing growth on this platform.

Lieuwe Vreeswijk

Lieuwe Vreeswijk

Lieuwe is a performance marketeer with more than 7 years of experience. He doesn't only help you grow, but Lieuwe also excels in keeping the costs for acquisition low for Google Ads. To achieve this, he creates ‘real-time’ reports for you. Hire Lieuwe now and experience the difference he can make for your online campaigns.

How it works

  • 1. Let us know what you're looking for

    An expert from our team will contact you, to make sure that we understand your question correctly and have all the details.

  • 2. We find the ideal match

    We'll introduce the ideal freelance expert to you from the exclusive network of TopCampaign.

  • 3. You start a Top Campaign!

    Together with the expert, you start a top performing online marketing campaign. Success guaranteed.

Our expertises


SEO specialists that do not only have the technical knowledge required, but also the experience and focus to make a real difference.


Clear structures, that you can efficiently manage. With proactive, 24/7 performance tuning and tracking.

E-mail marketing

Go beyond email management and make your campaigns smarter, more relevant and more effective.

Bring your mobile app to a higher level with app store optimization (ASO) and paid campaigns.


Efficient and effective
testplans to conversion, based on thorough research under your users and clients.

A social media manager that has overview and up-to-date knowledge about platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

Need multiple specialists? TopCampaign can help you build a virtual team of online marketing freelancers .

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Always 100% sure that our experts deliver quality with the satisfaction guarantee.

"For our company, SEA management has been a challenge for a long time. Through TopCampaign we quickly found an expert, that really made a difference for us!"

The top 5% online marketing experts of The Netherlands. Directly for hire.