Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about TopCampaign

Let us know through a brief survey which online marketing expertise you are looking for. We will then introduce you to a top-5% online marketeer from our network. No time to do the survey? Just contact us and we are happy to discuss the opportunities.

When you are reading this, chances are that you have found us through one of our freelancers. Through Google, LinkedIn, a social network or an ad. A TopCampaign freelancer will use any channel available. For you, but also for us! How much more proof that they are effective do you need?

Online marketing is our passion. It is our daily mission to find the best online marketing freelancers for smart companies that want to grow. We continuously improve our screening process and increase our reach. We don't leave anything to chance.

Need a reference? Let us know and we love to tell you our success stories. Or check out this website for inspiration.

Almost all freelancers that work with us are Dutch or work in The Netherlands. We don't discriminate on language or location though; if the freelancer is really good we might invite him or her to our network. But we leave it to our clients to decide if they are ok with that.

Because almost all of our freelancers work from The Netherlands they can also work on site. From experience we know that this is very convenient and effective. But working remote can also work fine in many cases. It's your call. We only introduce freelancers to you that match your criteria 100%.

Every freelancer will determine his or her own hourly rate. During the recruitment process, you can let us know your budget and preference. But keep in mind that the hourly rate should not be a primary criterium to select a freelancer. A top-5% freelancer will be able to deliver much more value in one hour than a more average marketeer.

Good experts are not the ones with the lowest rates. That's for sure. But the difference with cheaper alternatives will be very visible. In the results. And it it is good to know that most TopCampaign specialists charge very reasonable rates.

We leave the freelancers the option to charge an hourly rate of their choice. But we do encourage them to keep it reasonable. We know that this way we will keep their skills accessible to SMB companies and startups. When we match a freelancer to a company, we will keep in mind both the skillset and the budget.

Nothing. It's free. You don't pay any startup fees or commissions. That way you only need to worry about the project you have. We're only helping out to find the right freelancers.

The freelancers in our database believe in our added value. This is why they agreed to pay a small portion of their hourly rate to TopCampaign. This way they are introduced to the most appealing companies and can focus on what they do best: to set up killer marketing campaigns.

TopCampaign has been founded by online entrepreneurs that experienced exactly the same issues as you have now. They kept searching for the best online marketing experts and in time they created a network of top experts for themselves, that they now share with others. This is how TopCampaign was created. Read more about us.

We have a lot of confidence in our freelancers. That is why we offer a unique satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the performance of the freelancers' work, then we will help find a solution for that. In many cases this is free.


Read our satisfaction guarantee for the terms, and how you can invoke it.