Finding a top online marketing expert, is hard and time-consuming. Fortunately we have made that our daily mission. We have developed a process that allows us to guarantee that we only select those experts that deliver the best results. Results that will make your company operate more efficiently and smart. This is how we work in 6 steps:

Technical test
Based on the specialty of the expert, we test if he or she has the right knowledge. This is not just about fundamental base knowledge, but also actual developments. For online marketing is a fast moving space. We also check if the expert is capable of delivering value in the real world. Not just in theory.
Personality check
We know how important it is to have experts that have true passion for their profession. This is the only way to deliver the most value for the client while we also expect that transfer of knowledge is part of the package. Communication skills are an area that we also pay a lot of attention to.
Only the candidates that combine a high level technical score with a personality that matches our expectations, will be invited for an interview. During the interview we dive into the details and make sure the applicant is the rare top-5% we seek.
Reference check
For every applicant we thoroughly scan the resumé. References will be checked as well so that we (and you!) are not surprised.
To make the right match
If a freelancer is really good, that doesn't mean it is a match for every company. Whenever a request is filed to us, we will match the freelancer and the company as well.
Continuous quality control
We'll check the work and will stay in touch with our freelancers and their clients. We keep monitoring the quality of the freelancers and their work. The experiences of our customers are key to this. This is how we ensure we can keep offering the top-5% of the market.
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