About us

Hoe een exclusief netwerk van de beste online marketing freelancers onstond...

To make the best online marketeers available is our daily mission. It is our passion to bring smart companies and top talent together. TopCampaign is not a platform like so many others. We deliver quality and stand for it. The quality you would expect from an agency but at much lower costs, and with with more flexibility.

TopCampaign is exectly the website that we were looking for in the time that we set up our own companies...

Our background is probably the same as yours. We are the founders of companies like EventTrips, RB Group

and Gamebasics (onder games bekend van OSM).

Reinier Linthorst Homan

Jeroen Derwort

"To make the best online marketeers available"

Our companies really took off when we found the solution for two problems:

  1. You shouldn't strive to have all expertises 'in house'. With a team of external experts you will move faster and will have much needed flexiblity in the fast changing world of online marketing.
  2. Make sure that you hire experts with a clear focus. If you hire people that know little about a lot, you'll get average solutions. That will not give you a competitive advantage.

After a long search, many interviews and 'trial and error'-experiences with freelancers, we gathered a group of experts that deliver quality and that we trust. These experts made the difference for us. Friends of us asked if they could also contact these freelancers for their companies. This is how TopCampaign born.

To be the best online, you need the best experts.

You will find them with TopCampaign. We connect you to the best online marketing freelancers available. So you can start awesome online marketing campaigns.

TopCampaign has selected the top 5% of the Dutch online marketing specialists. For each role. So that you can effortlessly create a top campaign!

Dutch Innovation Factory

What we want to achieve

Our goal is to make the best marketing advice available for startups and smart companies. It should not be complicated and time consuming in 2020 to find good experts and virtual teams. This is what we love doing. You can think of it as a marketing agency 3.0. We deliver the value but at lower cost and without the fuss.

By listining to our users, we not only improve our services but we have also added more 'niche' online marketing experts to our network. Customer feedback is very important to us. Are you looking for a very specific skill or expertise? Let us know and one of our consultants will gladly assist you. 

Dutch Innovation Factory

Our office is located in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer. An old butter factory that has been transformed into an innovation playground. With an ecosystem of startups, education, researchers and IT companies, it is dubbed the Playground of Digital Innovators. The location is conveniently located between the cities of The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. An inspring workplace to work, study and create. 

Exactly the type of environment that we like. And our freelancers as well! Want to come check it out? Let us know. Drop by for a coffee and we love giving you a tour.