Satisfaction guarantee

Wij zijn er zo zeker van dat je tevreden bent met de kwaliteit van de freelancers in ons netwerk, dat we een unieke tevredenheidsgarantie bieden. De tevredenheidsgarantie stelt je in staat risicoloos de diensten van de experts uit ons netwerk te proberen.
Are you not fully satisfied with the work that has been delivered? Let us know and we will return what you have paid back to you in the form of a voucher. Read exactly how it works below:
  • 1. Send us an e-mail

    Send an e-mail to [email protected] Explain why you are unhappy.

  • 2. We'll get in touch with you

    We'll contact you to talk about the situation and get more details. We do this so we can better understand what we can improve and how we can better service you in the future.

  • 3. Receive a voucher

    The billed hours will be returned to you in the form of a voucher, that you can spend on another expert that we will select together with you.

The guarantee covers the first 2 weeks of the project, regardless of the amount of hours that the freelancers has billed. Is it full-time? Then you will receive a voucher for 2 weeks fulltime work.

Satisfaction guarantee